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As the Product Manager at DealerClick for over 11 years,

Who spearheaded the development of its DealerClick 2.0 platform,

And currently operating as Retail Used Automobile Dealer in California,

We proudly bring you the perfect marriage of IT solutions and real-life experience. 

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Marketing & SEO

Most ” marketing agencies”  you’ll talk to are just some kid with no idea what the hell they’re doing. I was that kid. But it’s been a long time since then, and I’ve done it successfully, over and over and over again. 



When your operation is at a scale that exceeds a side-hustle or a hobby, you need to be meticulous with every choice you make on your website. The slightest delay in load times, the smallest mistakes, the slightest increases in fees, or the tiniest of inefficiencies can make huge impacts in your sales.

Technology Development

Everyone’s nephew thinks they can make a website. And, of course they can. But it’s like working on a car. Everyone can do it, few can do it well.

I have been doing this for 20 years now. Not only I’ve been formally educated in both product engineering  and web development, I have built many successful sites, I’ve even managed a $50M company as their CTO for 11 years and managed the implementation of a brand-new technology to that industry, miles ahead of everyone else.


End-To-End Integration

With over 20 years of experience in business process design & integrations, streamlining and task efficiency is my bread-and-butter.